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This winter, step into

The Sacred Grove

A nature-based mentoring experience, where you...

Reclaim Your Brilliant Intuition & Clear Anxiety

So you can create the life your Soul is guiding you to live.

Tired of Feeling Anxious?

You're Being Called to Connect with Your Highest Self

If you're a woman* with a busy life and precious little time to yourself, you deserve simple, effective solutions that nurture your body, mind and spirit

You've felt this beautiful nurturing in nature. Now it's time to reawaken it within yourself.

Mother Earth is offering to help you:

  • Clear anxieties and self-doubts
  • Gain great clarity in your thinking and decision-making
  • Easily ground and center yourself, even in chaotic times
  • Have your own back as you feel the unconditional support of your Soul

So you can:

  • Create consistent and healing self-care practices
  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Say "no" to things that are not priorities, without that guilty feeling
  • Advocate for yourself -- at home and in the workplace -- with authenticity and confidence 
  • Move forward in manifesting your dearest dreams
  • And more!

* Note: while this experience is designed for those who identify as female, all are welcome. 

How? Read on, dear one! 

The Sacred Grove reawakens your power of presence.

You'll go from feeling anxious and disconnected, to feeling grounded and empowered. 

The Sacred Grove is a seasonal group mentoring experience for women.

It's an alchemical space of self-empowerment in partnership with Mother Earth.

You'll gain mystical, nature-based mindfulness practices infused with evidence-based thought management tools.

Simple. Accessible. Profound.

All designed with your busy life in mind.

This winter in The Sacred Grove, you'll learn how to:

Create grounding moments with nature, from anywhere

To calm and center you. Even in busy, chaotic times. Even while you're indoors. And for winter, you'll specifically connect with the Element of Earth.

Observe self-limiting thoughts with curiosity and release them with compassion

You'll expand your self-awareness and learn to clear anxiety-producing thoughts, rather than dwelling on them or berating yourself. This is courageous and deeply healing work. 

Generate new, intentional thoughts that rewire your brain and reclaim your sovereignty

So you can take actions that create your life of fulfillment. All while being guided and supported by Mother Earth and your beautiful intuition, the language of your Soul.  

Reawaken sacred relationships with your animal spirit allies

Connect with animal guides who have enlightening personal messages of healing and wisdom meant just for you.

Expand your confidence and resilience with the support of trees

Ancient and deeply wise, trees bear witness to your life. And they're offering to support you -- especially in expanding your self-awareness and self-compassion this winter. 

Embrace your intuitive guidance and take soul-led action

Discern whether it's your intuition or ego talking, so you can take soul-led action and create greater fulfillment in your life. 



  • Six group gatherings via phone. Each gathering includes a wisdom teaching, experiential time to integrate the teaching (typically through a guided journey), and group sharing. Between-gathering assignments will deepen your learning. 

    Each gathering is via phone for 60 - 90 minutes. This winter, the gatherings will be from 2:00 - 3:30pm CT on the following Thursdays: Jan 5, Jan 19, Feb 2, Feb 16, Mar 2 and Mar 16. Recordings are provided for all gatherings.

  • A one-hour private coaching session to deepen your work in an area of your choosing. I'm delighted to support you one-on-one! Your private session via phone will take place during Jan 10 - March 17. You'll receive a link to my online calendar to book at your convenience. A recording of your session will be provided. 

  • A members-only Facebook group. The Sacred Grove is a beautiful space of connection for like-hearted women who are called to this self-empowering work. Our Facebook group allows you to deepen those connections between sessions, share experiences, ask questions, etc. I'll post prompts for your reflection, and offer continued support online. 
Winter Enrollment is Closed. Click to Join the Spring Waitlist & Receive a Free Gift!

I'm Steph

Coach & Course Creator

Earth Intuitive

Former Workaholic, Control Freak & Perfectionist

Mom to Two
(ages 11 and 5)

Autism Mom

Native Gardener

Horse Lover

Perhaps like you, I've had chronic anxiety my entire life.

Nature has always been a tremendous source of support... physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A few years ago, I left my 20-year career in environmental restoration to help more women reclaim your sacred relationship with Mother Earth, and the personal, healing power that contains.

My teachings are a unique merging of animism, environmental science, spiritual ecology and Celtic and Druidic traditions... infused with powerful thought management tools backed by neuroscience.

The practices I teach in The Sacred Grove have transformed my life and my clients' lives in so many beautiful ways.

Check out a few member success stories below...

"I always feel uplifted, positive and inspired after our gatherings. I'd love to have a daily dose of Stephanie!"
Kay K., Winfield, IL
"Since working with Stephanie, I've been able to find stillness in my mind. I most enjoy the guided inner journeys [which] bring fast messages that I struggle to hear during the chaos of my typical day."
Erinn L., St. Paul, MN
"The Sacred Grove has been the heart and soul opening I've been craving, consciously or not, for years."
Kathy W., Portland, OR
Winter Enrollment is Closed. Click to Join the Spring Waitlist & Receive a Free Gift!


Your enrollment is an important commitment to yourself; refunds are not provided. 

Thank you for your dedication to this work that heals you, and that brings healing to Mother Earth.

HAVE A QUESTION? Please feel free to email me directly: [email protected]