The Eco-Intuitive Garden:

A Simple Path to Reclaim Your Peace, Awaken Your Wild Wisdom & Heal Mother Earth

Is this one-of-a-kind course for you?

  • You're a busy woman who struggles with anxiety, perfectionism and self-doubt

  • You¬†love¬†being in nature¬†but lack the time and energy to get "out there"
  • You want to help¬†Mother Earth¬†in an impactful and meaningful way

  • You want to hear your wise inner voice more clearly. This is your intuition and it's your birthright

  • You're open to¬†reclaiming your ancient ability to¬†communicate with the Green World (plants), animals, the Earth herself
  • You're EITHER¬†new to gardening and unsure how to start OR you're an experienced gardener who's seeking an easier way

If you nodded "YES" to any of these, you're in the right place.

The eco-intuitive garden helps YOU bloom.

It's so much more than a vibrant, beautiful garden.

It's a sacred space of reciprocal healing -- for you and Mother Earth -- and it's right outside your door. 

Small or large, the eco-intuitive garden deeply connects you with nature, so you can easily hear your inner wisdom, and awaken your natural ability to receive profound guidance from the more-than-human world.  

The eco-intuitive garden brings greater peace, clarity, confidence and self-compassion into your life. 

Your eco-intuitive garden is ready to be birthed and it's so much easier than you think!



This is not your typical gardening course

By the end of this 28-day course, you'll have: 

  • Easy Access to Your Peaceful, Wild Wisdom¬†

    You'll feel less anxiety and more spaciousness as you intuitively connect with the Green World and all aspects of nature, in the garden or anywhere. This enables your deep wisdom to flow with ease, providing you peaceful, healing clarity that benefits every part of your life. 

  • The Seemingly Magical Ability to Create¬†More Time in Your¬†Life

    Simple daily practices will help you feel lighter, more clear and efficient in your decision-making, and more attuned to your power of presence. This means less time and energy spent ruminating, analyzing, worrying. Accessing your peaceful, wild wisdom will literally create more time in your life!  

  • A Garden¬†Design that's¬†Uniquely Healing¬†to YOU

    No cookie cutter designs here! Your eco-intuitive garden will be as unique as you are, and infused with the Earth medicine that's most healing to you. With Mother Earth as your partner, you'll design your eco-intuitive garden based on simple, successful gardening practices. 
  • All the Knowledge You Need to Bring Your Garden to Life

    As you realize how easy it is to birth your eco-intuitive garden, self-doubt and overwhelm will be replaced by a calm confidence that extends beyond gardening. You'll delight in the peaceful feeling of connecting regularly with the Green World and all of nature. 
  • A¬†Worry-Free Plan to Nurture Your Garden & Yourself

    Perfectionism will dissolve as you'll learn a natural, low-maintenance way to nurture your garden, and the intuitive practices that go hand-in-hand, enabling both you and your garden to flourish over time. You'll have everything you need for years (decades!) of healing experiences with your eco-intuitive garden. 



‚ÄúThe Eco-Intuitive Garden provided me an anchoring point that I now use when I feel stress and anxiety surfacing.¬†This is huge for me because when I‚Äôm struggling I feel trapped in my mind. Stephanie has helped me deepen into a practice of observation and self-awareness, with plants and all of nature. It‚Äôs so healing.‚ÄĚ

- Cristy D., Twin Cities, MN

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"I've gardened my whole life. Without The Eco-Intuitive Garden I never would have learned the art of communicating with my plants, and connecting with my garden with such gratitude and joy. I’m happier now when I go out to my garden. I've learned how to be present in the moment. There, I don't feel anxiety or worry or stress. My garden is now a truly healing place for me. What a gift."

- Kay K.

What's Inside The Eco-Intuitive Garden?


Module 1

Envision: Preparing Your Eco-Intuitive Garden

Simple intuitive practices will strengthen your relationship with nature. You'll experience how nature shifts your focus away from anxiety and self-doubt, and to the peace, calm and wisdom of the present moment. As you connect with your wild wisdom (your eco-intuition), you'll feel your self-trust rise. This will guide you in your garden design and serve as a touchstone to access that peace and calm in your busy days.

Module Highlights:

  • Developing¬†a sacred¬†personal connection with¬†the spirit of the land you inhabit, the Green World and all of nature.¬†
  • Awakening your peaceful wild wisdom¬†through¬†envisioning¬†the garden that you are meant to birth into the world.
  • Creating your eco-intuitive garden design, guided¬†by proven approaches and¬†incorporating¬†tried-and-true native plants that¬†bring vital healing to¬†pollinators, wildlife, the soil, waters, and you!¬†
Module 2

Creation: Bringing Your Eco-Intuitive Garden to Life

You'll learn a simple, step-by-step process to create your garden. All the while, partnering with nature to shed anxiety and perfectionism and replacing it with calm confidence. Your wild wisdom will reawaken your intuitive understanding of how to live life with more adaptability, resilience and peace. 

Module Highlights:

  • Learning the sacred tools of gardening¬† -- from¬†shovels¬†and pruners to¬†your power of¬†presence
  • Partnering with Mother Earth to co-create your eco-intuitive garden energetically and with the greatest¬†of ease
  • Selecting and introducing¬†your plant babies properly, and peaceful intuitive practices that help you care for yourself as you care for your newborn garden
Module 3

Nurture: Caring for Your Wild Wisdom Through Your Eco-Intuitive Garden

Nurturing your peaceful wild wisdom and your eco-intuitive garden go hand-in-hand. You'll learn a low-maintenance, highly successful approach to caring for your garden over time. You'll experience the peace, delight and healing to be found in letting go of self-limiting beliefs. Your heart will be opened to the power of deep connection with the more-than-human world and with your Future Self. You'll gain beautiful wisdom that enables both you and your garden to flourish for years to come. 

Module Highlights:

  • Releasing perfectionism in the garden and in life through¬†intuitive practices¬†
  • Honoring the healing of natural cycles and seasons, within the garden and¬†yourself
  • Enhancing your¬†wild wisdom through intuitive communication with the Green World
  • Embracing your garden as a¬†portal to connect with your Future Self, her guidance and the¬†wild wisdom¬†she's offering to you now



You’ll receive lifetime access to 

The Eco-Intuitive Garden:

A Simple Path to Reclaim Your Peace, Awaken Your Wild Wisdom and Heal Mother Earth

(A $597 Value)


  • 3 Live Course Modules¬†containing 12 lessons

    that provide everything you need to know to bring your eco-intuitive garden to life. The modules are delivered weekly so you have plenty of time to move through them!

  • 3 Guided Inner Journeys

    that reunite you with your peaceful wild wisdom, and nurture your sacred partnership with Mother Earth

  • Practical¬†Gardening Know-How¬†Infused with¬†Eco-Intuitive Practices

    that amplify the powerful healing available to you AND Mother Earth

  • A Proven, Step-By-Step Process

    to create your low-maintenance, eco-intuitive garden with self-trust, creativity and joy  
  • A Toolkit of¬†Eco-Intuitive Practices¬†

    that you'll call upon for years to come, so you can continue cultivating your peaceful wild wisdom and your spiritual connection with all of nature



PLUS These Free Bonuses to Support You in Every Way! 


  • 4 Live Q&A Sessions (Value: $397)

    to get your questions answered quickly so you can move forward with clarity and confidence. All recordings provided. 

  • Native Plant Cheat Sheet (Value: $47)

    My personal collection of 30+ tried-and-true native plants, including all the essential details for your garden planning.

  • Course Workbook & Journal¬†(Value: $87)

    to keep everything you learn at your fingertips. Includes insightful journal prompts that access your wild wisdom.

  • Members-only Online Community (Value: $197)

    for on-going support AND connection with like-hearted women. Our community will inspire, motivate and celebrate each other's healing journey.

Total Bonus Value: $728

"I feel most connected and at peace when I'm gardening. Steph has helped me nurture my connection to the land and myself even more!"

Jamie W.


"Nature is awe inspiring and I'm so thankful that Steph has shown me how to create a peaceful and vibrant garden with nature."

Kelly M.

"Steph's teachings make me feel so calm. I love her clear wisdom that helps me trust myself more. My intuition flows naturally when I spend time with Steph."

Jill K.

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The Eco-Intuitive Garden will take you from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to feeling more peaceful, confident and connected with your wild wisdom.

In the first week of the course, you'll receive the first module and experience a live Q&A session.

If by April 12, you don't feel inspired to create your garden vision, simply email me with your concern and I'll refund your investment. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there, I'm Steph! 

Lifelong gardener, eco-intuitive coach & teacher, anxiety warrior, wife, and mom to two (ages 12 and 6).

From the daily stresses of parenting our autistic son, to the journey of grieving my beloved mom, to the ups and downs of life in general, I know firsthand that gardens provide vital healing for our bodies, minds and spirits. 

I'm on a mission to share how restoring native plants to the lands they belong amplifies the healing you receive through gardening... all while literally healing Mother Earth. Best of all, it's all possible right outside your door!

Plus, native plants are beautiful, hardy and sooo much easier than using plants from all around the world. I've done it both ways and I'll never ever go back. 

My friend, if you've made it this far, you're clearly intrigued. Yes? Yes!

Choose to follow your heart and experience the joy and healing of eco-intuitive gardening.  

Remember: you'll receive lifetime access to the course, and your investment is risk free.

Spring 2024 enrollment closes Saturday, April 6.

Have a question I haven't answered? You can reach me directly at [email protected]

with love & gratitude,
Stephanie Lindloff
Coach & Course Creator

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